Wahhab (Lawrence) Baldwin

11729 Palatine Avenue North ■ Seattle, WA 98133 ■ wahhabb@gmail.com ■ Cell: (206) 973-6751

Objective / Overview

Software Development Manager position using current technologies and methodologies. Excellent team builder with strong communication and management skills and a passion for finding creative software solutions to business problems and producing effective results.

Relevant Experience

Baldwin Software Services (Various dates to present)

Independent Consultant/Contract Programmer. Clients have included Digital Equipment Corp, Marlboro, MA, Nissan Motors, Carson CA, APAS Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, and numerous smaller companies. Have provided a broad range of services in systems analysis and design, technical development, systems programming, and application programming.

Website Developer. Tools used include HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Python/Django, WordPress (customized), et.al. Recent sites include RTSComics.com (Python/Django), and JoyfulToddlers.com.

Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA (1991–1996)

Senior Engineering Manager for Middle East Products. Led development of Hebrew and Arabic Windows, (Arabic Software Product of the Year), Excel, Word and Visual Basic. Grew team from six to eleven developers. Gave presentations throughout Middle East.

Development Manager for Internal Tools, promoted to Group Manager, reporting to Mike Maples, Office of President. Led development of new tools for localizing Microsoft products into other languages, enabling sim-shipping even of beta versions in multiple languages, generating over $10 million annual increased sales in international markets.

Software Development Engineer for Office. Member of toolbar feature team, specializing in OLE.

American International Group (AIG), New York, NY (1983–1991)

Independent Consultant, rapidly promoted through roles of Senior Tech Specialist, Manager, Director, and acting Senior Vice President of AIG Data Center.

Project director for a $6.2 million mainframe commercial insurance software project. Handled planning, budget, personnel, user and management liaison and technical management. Met all dates, was under budget, and satisfied users.

Project director for breakthrough $3.5 million distributed processing Workers Compensation system. Selected C language, selected and implemented development platform, trained and managed programming staff of 20, developed key technical components.

Strategic planner for deployment of technology for this Fortune 100 company. Reported to CIO ($75,000,000 budget), setting and implementing new directions in hardware and software, leading Office of Technology Planning.

Earlier Technical Experience

Programmer, Senior Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Systems Analyst and Senior Systems Analyst. Employed by Insurance Systems of America (later AdTec), United California Bank, Computer Accounting for Management, Information Systems Design, and Western Pacific Railroad. Details available on request.

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