Technology Skills

C, C++, JavaScript/ECMAScript, JQuery, MySQL, SQL Server, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python / Django, WordPress, ActionScript / AIR, IBM BAL (Basic Assembly Language), COBOL, RPG, CICS, DB2, BASIC, Visual Basic. Have also used Ruby, Node, Git, SVN, Unix/Xenix, Apache, Nginx, and more.

Technical Organizations

Charter Member of ANSI X3J16, the C++ Standards Committee

Presenter on RTL languages at Unicode Conference, San Jose

Technical Publications

Dr. Dobbs Journal, “Awk as a C Code Generator” (August 90)

C++ Journal, “Reference Variables in C++” (Accepted but not published)

C User’s Journal, “Debugging Techniques in C” (October 91)

Recent Non-Technical Experience

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Seattle, WA (2007–2013)

Founder and Pastor for five years of Friends of The One, a Sufi-Christian congregation-in-formation

Interim Pastor at Lake Washington Christian Church, Kirkland, WA

Founding Moderator for the Mission Council of the Northwest Region of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Translator, (from Spanish), of 500-page Sufism Is Christianized Islam: A Study of Sufism through the Works of Ibn ‘Arabi of Murcia


B.A. in Mathematics from Reed College

Graduate work in Abstract Algebra, U.C. Berkeley

M.A. in Applied Behavioral Science, Leadership Institute of Seattle (Bastyr University)

M.Div. from School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University


Excellent Health

Joyfully married with two adult children

Fluent in Spanish, studied 4 years of German

I have studied Eastern and Western mysticism and meditate daily

Audiophile with eclectic musical taste running to classical

Wahhab (Lawrence) Baldwin

11729 Palatine Avenue North ■ Seattle, WA 98133 ■ ■ Cell: (206) 973-6751


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