Skill is doing things right

Wisdom is doing the right things

Wahhab Baldwin brings both

I am seeking a management position in software development where I can make a difference. I am a lifelong learner with a passion for using cutting edge technology to solve real-world challenges. I bring vision and creativity to the work I do, and inspire teams with enthusiasm. I will turn your company’s vision into a working reality, while building communication and trust between executives, users, and the development team.

I have a proven track record as an individual contributor, as an independent contract programmer, as a consultant, and in nine years of development management at Microsoft and AIG. At Microsoft, I eliminated the bottleneck of localizing software, enabling simultaneous shipping of products in multiple languages, generating millions more revenue dollars. At AIG, I delivered multi-million dollar projects on time and under budget, teaching 24 COBOL programmers C and delivering AIG’s first PC-based system, for Workers’ Compensation. Reporting to the CIO, I set hardware and software direction for this Fortune 100 company.

I am an unconventional candidate. As EDS used to say, “Eagles don’t flock—you have to find them one by one.” Since my last full-time software engineering job at Microsoft, I have greatly developed my people skills, including getting an M.A. in Applied Behavioral Science and an M.Div. from Seattle University. But I never lost my passion for software development, and have continued developing websites for a variety of small business throughout. An autodidact, I continue reading software manuals and building websites as a form of entertainment. I am a quick study and have developed professionally in a dozen languages. I will instill your development team with enthusiasm and a dedication to excellence.

A deeply spiritual person, I am convinced that software can transform lives for the better, and I am eager to contribute to making that happen together with you.

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